Your home away
from home

Your home away from home

We understand the pressures of life at university, so we’ve made the finest rooms for students with everything they could ever need to help them recharge and unwind to be ready for each challenge in their lives. At Sunway House Student Residence, our residences prepare you for the future, the way a good home does.

Why Sunway House
Student Residences?

All our residences are designed using our mantra of Live, Learn and Lead. These core aspects translate to our residents, shaping them up for the challenges of life.


Focusing on the wellbeing of residents through the physical aspects of the living environment.

World class Facility management

We have a security team and emergency support that operate 24 hours, 7 days a week as well as an in-house service for medical emergencies. Safety is priority here at Sunway House Student Residences.

Continuous Support & Care Team

We have resident mentors, stay-in warden on duty, professional counselling programmes and miscellaneous kickstart programmes for newcomers to ensure welfare all across the board.

Student campaigns

At Sunway House Student Residences, our students are our stars. We support student-led campaigns that include student celebrations, blood donation drives, festival-based events and bazaars that encourage a healthy dose of extracurricular life outside of academic obligations.



Programmes and activities aimed at enhancing and building the relationships of residents within a community.

Professional workshops

We provide professional talks across various topics such as resume writing, Linkedin profile setups, headshot photoshoots and career maximising techniques.

Self Discovery Programmes

We host a variety of self-help programmes that include various contests and competitions that encourage growth and nurture of the student self.


Inspiring the leaders of the future through the actions of the present.

Leadership Programmes

Our programmes that promote leadership include the Resident Assistant Programme and the Sunway House Ambassadorship. We prioritise an opportunity-rich environment that cultivates student confidence and effective captainship.

Community values

Our values are intrinsic across every programme and initiative we hold, for students to learn, practice and embody.

Environmental sustainability efforts

Our efforts to sustain the environment includes the campus-wide participation of Earth Hour and the changing of standard lights to LED lighting across the entirety of the Waterfront Residence in order to reduce energy consumption. There is also an ongoing recycling effort across campus and residence!

Brand vision
& Mission

We are more than just a developer, a teacher, a company. We are our values.


With student welfare as our top priority, Sunway House Student Residences is committed to providing only the best experience for our residents. Our dedicated efforts throughout the years have finally been rewarded with back to back awards in the iGraduate surveys.


The latest programmes and activities for our residents to live, learn and lead from.


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