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The Student Community team aims to provide the best LIVING experience to residents, by taking care of the physical aspects of the living environment (through world-class facility management) and the well-being of residents (through various community support & care).


Building bridges between the Residence Management Team and residents, and creating networking opportunities for residents to connect with each other.

Meet & Greet / Orientation

We aim to equip new residents with updated important information. This also creates a platform for new residents to get to know each other, and the Residence Management team. Meet & Greet/ Orientation is organized once a month with refreshments provided.

Soirée & Welcome Party

This is a fun social gathering that kicks off the commencement of classes. Though it is initiated for new residents, existing and senior residents are encouraged to join to meet their new neighbours/other fellow resident-friends.

Residents are expected to dress up according to the theme to play fun and interactive games, watch performances, enjoy a nice dinner and win great prizes! 

International Student Community

We aim to create a sense of belonging for our international students. There will be cultural events and workshops tailored to meet their expectations and needs. Residents will get to learn more about each other’s diverse cultures and to learn to live harmoniously with people from all around the world. 

Festive Celebration

Festivals are a great way to understand one’s culture. Here in our Residence, we aim to introduce cultural diversity to the residents. Celebrating a diversity of festivals with fellow resident-friends is much more fun, fostering cultural appreciation and teaching social awareness beyond textbooks. It is also to understand others perspectives, to broaden our own, and to fully experience and educate ourselves.

Community Services

We aim to instil a sense of social responsibility to residents. Helping others is a refreshing reminder to be grateful for what we have. We hope to provide our residents with the opportunity to become active members of the community that have a lasting, positive impact on society at large.

Exam Stress Buster

We provide simple food/snacks during the examination period to help students relieve some stress (real Malaysians know that we snack when we’re stressed!)

Town-hall & Residences Living Experience Annual Survey

Effective feedback, both positive and negative, are extremely helpful. As we continuously strive to provide the best living experience for our residents, surveys and interactive town hall gathering sessions will be held from time to time. 

Other Engagement Activities

There are other engagement activities such as Movie Nights, Residence Bazaars, cooking demos, contests/competitions etc to encourage residents to interact with others so as to form friendships. Events are conducted either physically or online.

Redefining Living
For Students

A multitude of accommodation options designed for convenience, comfort and function within touching distance of amenities.


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