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The Student Community team aims to provide the best LIVING experience to residents, by taking care of the physical aspects of the living environment (through world-class facility management) and the well-being of residents (through various community support & care).


Creating an environment for learning and development for residents to become independent and interdependent.

Skill-sets Enhancement Workshops

Apart from our residents’ usual academic learning in university, they also get to learn more via self-enhancement training and skill-set development through the periodical workshops that we organise, equipped with professional advice and guidance given by Resident Mentors.

Some of the past workshops that have provided great learning outcomes to our residents include professional resume writing, LinkedIn profile setup, professional profile photo taking, etc. 

Self-Care & Self-Discovering Programme

Through our creative self-discovery programmes, we aim to help students realise their inner talents and unleash their potential. Powered through various workshops, activities/contests, we believe that this will allow residents to pay attention to their physical/mental and emotional states. For example, an Art Competition that encourages residents to express their emotions through drawings and colours.

By doing so, we are able to see them discover new talents, as well as bring light to those who might be struggling (which will allow Sunway House staff to assist with further care and attention. Self-care and self discovery should be an important element of our daily lives, especially as we learn to live towards a new normal.

Wellness Campaign

Occasional campaigns/workshops/talks will be held to educate residents on the importance of health and wellness. Health and wellness related events/bazaars will be hosted in the Residence to help create awareness and draw the community closer. For example – blood donation, first-aid tips and more!

Student Leadership Programme

One of our signature programmes is the Resident Assistant (RA) programme. Recruitment is open on a yearly basis and all residents are welcome to apply. This programme gives an opportunity to residents to contribute and to make an impact to the Residence community.

RAs play an important role in creating a welcoming, safe and harmonious living environment through peer support, and to contribute in the vision of creating a vibrant community in the Residence.  

Environmental Sustainability Programme

Contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) has allowed Sunway University to officially become the highest- ranked private university in Malaysia, entering the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2021.

Events such as Earth Hour are conducted in our student accommodation buildings yearly to raise awareness on the climate crisis, and to provide an opportunity for our residents to show that they care for the environment.

Redefining Living
For Students

A multitude of accommodation options designed for convenience, comfort and function within touching distance of amenities.


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