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The Student Community team aims to provide the best LIVING experience to residents, by taking care of the physical aspects of the living environment (through world-class facility management) and the well-being of residents (through various community support & care).


Comprehensive support and care to ensure residents’ wellbeing are taken care of.

Riding on their corporate knowledge and work experience, Resident Mentors are able to provide professional advice through engagement activities and skill-set enhancement workshops to residents. We have seen great connections being fostered throughout these years as residents continue to look up to our working professionals as their mentors in life.

Resident Mentor

We carefully recruit passionate academia and professional admin staff from designated Higher Education Institutions to join us as Resident Mentors, with a special invitation to reside in the building. Hence, as they come ‘home’ to Sunway House from their 9-6 working routine, they extend additional pastoral care and support to our residents.

24/7 Stay-in Wardens

We have nominated Sunway House staff who play the additional role as a stay-in warden to provide extensive support to residents in each building, especially during off-work hours and times of emergency. All residents are given a hotline mobile number to call / WhatsApp in case of an emergency or after business hours’ check- in/check-out arrangements. Wardens are the first point of contact during times of distress that happen after office hours.

Professional Counselling Support

As an on-campus accommodation service provider, we work closely with Sunway Education Group and Monash University Malaysia to ensure that the mental health and well-being of their students are under our care and monitoring radar. Should we detect any resident who is in need of professional counselling support or attention, we are able to promptly loop in certified professionals from the institutions to assist accordingly.

For more information on:

Sunway Education Group’s Counselling services

Monash University Malaysia

Immersion/Buddy Programme (Kaki Programme)

Being new to a place / country can be quite stressful and challenging, the immersion stage is often the toughest phase to get passed.

Try out our Kaki Programme to ease you into your new life! Let senior residents guide you during your arrival, to be your 1-on-1 companion for any guidance and assistance that you might need!

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